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On-Site DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing in Fredericksburg

On-Site and Mobile Testing for DOT Compliance

Although not required in all situations, testing employees for drugs or alcohol on-site, is highly recommended. If you are testing multiple people at the same time, bringing our mobile testing services to your on-site location can save down time and lost productivity. If you are testing due to reasonable suspicion or on an emergency basis, post-accident, on-site testing saves time and increases the confidence in the reliability of the results of testing.

ARCpoint of Fredericksburg can provide reliable, DOT-qualified mobile or on-site collection and testing services whether you are conducting, pre-employment, random, reasonable-suspicion, post-accident or follow-up testing. Our professional, DOT-qualified collectors / technicians can administer drug testing at your location or at any location you request. Instant results are available in many cases, and non-negative results are forwarded for further testing and confirmation to a SAMSHA-certified laboratory, using rigorous chain-of-custody protocols.

With ARCpoint Labs of Fredericksburg, you can trust that your DOT drug test or alcohol test is accurate, reliable and confidential. We can also come to your business or workplace to perform a DOT pre-employment drug test and our random name generation system for your current DOT-monitored employees.

Benefits of Using ARCpoint Labs of Fredericksburg Mobile, On-site DOT Testing

ARCpoint of Fredericksburg offers mobile testing services to meet DOT regulations — even for non-DOT regulated clients.

ARCpoint Labs of Fredericksburg offers convenient, on-site testing services for employers that offer the same quality of professionalism, accuracy and instant results provided at our facility without requiring employees to travel off-site.

There are many benefits when you use ARCpoint Labs of Fredericksburg for your DOT testing:

  • DOT-approved urine collectors and alcohol technicians
  • Trained lab staff
  • Timely and accurate results
  • Reduced employee downtime
  • Less worry about sample tampering

Learn More About Our Testing Services

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Fredericksburg for more information about our on-site DOT testing services.

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